X10 dim/bright actions

I couldn’t find anything on this, despite searching, but is there a possibility to respond to received dim/bright actions?

If I press “A1 ON” on a remote and then ‘DIM’ or ‘BRIGHT’ button, is there a way to trigger events/scenes on vera to have a z-wave device match the dim/bright behavior?

Yes, you have to use the “remote” device created and scene numbers 102 (dim) or 103 (bright).
Look at the different codes (scene numbers) in the first message of this topic: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,9563.0.html

OK, didn’t quite understand that, but I will try!..


[s]I have tried creating 4 triggers to test this, but no triggers yet…

Pressed E1 and then DIM and BRIGHT a few times, but nothing![/s]
NM! It was delayed!

Now to figure out how to match address and dim/bright action…


Having issues retrieving one of the variables of the Chacon type controllers being created…

Looking at this code:

luup.log("E Chacon: Start") local DevName=luup.attr_get("name", 130) luup.log("E Chacon: Retrieved name: " .. DevName) local LastX10Device,tstamp=luup.variable_get("urn:rfxcom-com:serviceId:X10ChaconRemote1", "sl_SceneActivated", 130) luup.log("E Chacon: Retrieved value sl_SceneActivated at " .. tstamp .. "seconds since epoch") luup.log("E Chacon: Retrieved value sl_SceneActivated is " .. LastX10Device) luup.log("E Chacon: END")

Only renders me this info in the log:

08      12/26/14 12:44:51.675   Scene::RunScene running 66 E Chacon <0x30f98680>
50      12/26/14 12:44:51.675   luup_log:0: E Chacon: Start <0x30f98680>
50      12/26/14 12:44:51.676   luup_log:0: E Chacon: Retrieved name: RFX Remote L1.0/E <0x30f98680>
07      12/26/14 12:44:51.676   Event::Evaluate 51 E2 ON scene E Chacon is false repeat 0/-1 <0x30f98680>

So something goes wrong in recovering the requested variable… Can someone tell me what is wrong in this statement:
local LastX10Device,tstamp=luup.variable_get(“urn:rfxcom-com:serviceId:X10ChaconRemote1”, “sl_SceneActivated”, 130)
(and yes, 130 is the correct device ID for the rfxcom virtual Chacon controller )

(PS: I know I can work around it by creating 16 separate triggers/scenes with luup code, but I want to keep things a bit clean and do this in code instead…)

luup.variable_get just returns one value, the value of the variable. So your second variable (tstamp) will be nil.

The Service ID for the variable sl_SceneActivated is normally urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1

You’re absolutely right and that is what I am using in my plugin.
So that is a second thing to correct by Fear Na Boinne in his code.