X-10 with 2412U

I’ve been trying to get a 2412U to work with Vera. I’m currently using 1.0.939
I don’t get any errors, the light on the 2412U seems to flash when I try to control anything.
I put the X-10 House Code and Unit Code in the ID field like:

M 1

I’m guessing about this because the UI asks for a house code and sticks in into the ID field; there’s no mention of where to put the unit code. So perhaps I just didn’t guess correctly where to add the unit code (Of course I shouldn’t have to guess, but that’s not the issue so much.)

Has anyone actually gotten on of these to work?


MCV are aware of the problem but they haven’t fixed it yet.

I get all sorts of random errors but nothing ever goes to the line

X10 is working with the 979 release. The code goes in the ID field as: M1 (no spaces)

Is there a step by step guide to setting up a brand new 2412U with Vera? I just purchased one because I have some X10 sensors I would like to add to my network and I can’t get it to work. I am not seeing LED flashes when I try to issue commands as the first user who posted was seeing. All I see is an immediate “Delivery Failed” message come up. I am using the latest(as of now) firmware 1.0.979. I have a feeling I need to configure something else with the 2412U but I don’t know what. It does not come with much in the way of instructions, it just allows you to download windows drivers and expects you to be running home automation software which takes care of the rest. Can someone please point me to a quick setup or something similar that will allow me to start controlling the 2412U from Vera?

Have you read this page? http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Insteon_Intro

is the expected behavior for x-10 devices NOT to show if they are on or off in the dashboard of UI2?

is this corrected in UI3?

[quote=“michaelk, post:6, topic:165089”]is the expected behavior for x-10 devices NOT to show if they are on or off in the dashboard of UI2?

is this corrected in UI3?[/quote]

I personally wouldn’t say it’s expected behavior. Though, this is the current situation.

As far as I can tell, MCV has put everything X10 on the back burner. This really is a disappointment to me because one of the major reasons I bought Vera was to manage my existing X10 system. Personally, I just can’t replace my existing X10 system for newer Zwave products for two major reasons. First of all it would cost about $6k in switches and controllers. Second, there are not Zwave devices (yet) that could replace some of my X10 equipment. For example, 8 button and 6 button scene controllers. Also, IR (infrared) receiver that would execute zwave scenes. Let me give two examples of how important these features are:

Example #1.
I have an extensive theater setup in my home. TV, amplifier, Wii, Playstation, DirectTV-DVR, 63inch Samsung, AppleTV, and lighting. From a single press of my Universal Remote (home theater master), the movie button, the amplifier is set to multichannel (high end audio, like Dolby HD), my PS3 is turned on (my blueray player), my TV is set to the correct HDMI port, my lighting behind the TV is set to 12%, lighting behind my seating is set to 12%. The lighting changes are made up of 6 light switches that dim at the same time.

Example #2.
I have several 8 button scene controllers in my house. Each room of my house is set to a button. Whenever a light is turned on in the house (from manual press on the actual light switch, from a scene that turned it on, etc etc), the 8 button scene controller will light up for that room. So it’s really easy when I go to bed to know which rooms have lights on, and I can turn off any room I want from one of these buttons. I also have one of the 8 button controllers at the front door and side door of my house. Again, I can turn on/off any room light in the house. I can easily see if a light is on in a room because the button is lit.

Hopefully my examples above help echo the importance of these features. Please MCV give us two-way X10 support. Also, we need scene control in the manner described above. Lastly, we need IR received by vera to trigger scenes.

P.S. For those people who say X10 is unreliable, this is not true for everyone. My system is 100% Litolier PLC firewall controlled. This means that every light switch is wired into a PLC-Firewall. A PLC-Firewall mounts next to your circuit breaker panel and looks like another circuit breaker panel. The electrician moves all circuits that are X10 into the firewall. The firewall cleans the lines and prevents all kinds of issues. I think in the last 7 years my X10 system has worked flawless except for maybe 3 times. That’s right, only 3 times it did something different then expected. I completely attribute this to the PLC-Firewall I have installed.

Sad to hear X10 is on their back burner…it shouldn’t be. MiCasaVerde advertises that Vera is compatible with X10, so it should work.

Not asking for anything complicated here…would just like to know how to add a simple module to Vera2…currently using UI3,…

Anything further on this? MCV, an official position/response would be good. As said above, Vera is advertised as compatible with X-10, and it sounds like that’s a huge oversell (being kind) at this point.

I realize I’m a newbie making his first post here, and haven’t yet bought my Vera. But I’ve been reading here and the wiki extensively. Like others, I need to integrate X-10 - partially due to the investment I’ve made and partially due to the ongoing lack of simple Z-Wave versions of a lot of X-10 hardware - like an outdoor motion-sensing (& reporting) floodlight.

Please, MCV, what’s the status, plans and official stance on the “officially supported” but apparently “not really supported” X-10???