X-10 Performance Issues

Hi there. I have been testing X-10 on Vera with the 2412U. So far it has been working for basic functionality. Basically, I can turn things off and on - but that is about all. Some issues I have noticed:

The status of a X-10 device isn’t displayed accurately on the vera web admin interface. If I turn on a light in vera, it turns on the light switch, but on the vera admin webpage it stays in the “off”. What is interesting is that I have SSH into vera and run a “tail” on the log, and what I find is what I believe is acknowledgment from the X-10 devices that they turned on. So why can’t vera recognize these messages?

Speed. Wow vera is slow to turn on/off a X-10 device. When I monitor the log by SSH into vera, I see that the x-10 commands go out in an instant (from when I tell it to turn on an X-10 device from the web interface). Though, what I see is (what seems to be) a repeat of the same message/x-10-command after the first command times out. The logs in ssh show that it takes between 5-6 seconds to do anything with an x-10 device. Its right their in the log! vera times this! :slight_smile:

Anyone else noticing these issues? Any feedback? Anyone know if these are “known” problems and if their is an ETA on a patch from the developers? Any chance micasaverde can chime in?

Thank You!