Wyze Cam

Has anyone tried these out with Vera?
There is a version 2 out now as well.

I’m not actually sure if they have a web interface or not.

There is no web interface as yet - they claim they are looking at one - but I suspect that they are trying to find some way to monetize their cloud storage option beyond the basic week storage.

Interesting though - TinyCam on Android has figured out how to grab the feeds and display them - so there is hope.

Someone more creative than me could try to take this concept and pull it into Vera.

Great camera that they sell at cost - so there has to be a plan to make money somewhere…

Anybody play more with this? Amazon has been promoting these cameras a lot … cheap and slick

I tried installing the Dafang FW hack to take control of the camera. It streams RTSP fine but that doesn’t seem to be an option for Vera.

I can also get a static picture on a web browser by this URL : http:///cgi-bin/currentpicoptim.cgi

I cannot get Vera to work with that jpeg however. I used the generic IP camera add tool and entered same address as in the working address bar of my browser but it won’t load the image.

Maybe somebody else has better luck than me ?