WT00Z1 3 way led status

I have a WT00Z1 and a WD500Z. The WT has a group 1 association to the WD. I can control the WD from the WT without issue. The problem is when I turn on or off the WD directly, the status LED isn’t updated on the WT. The manual says the status should be reflected. Have I done something wrong or is this just another missing advertised feature?

Group 1
Nodes in this group are turned ON by tapping the top of the paddle or
OFF by tapping the bottom of the paddle. Nodes associated into this
group are dimmed by pressing and holding the bottom of the paddle
until the desired dim level is reached or brightened by pressing and
holding the top of the paddle until the desired level is reached.
The LED on the WT00Z-1 will indicate the status of this group ONLY.

I don’t have a WT00Z-1 to test right now. I don’t remember if the LED worked as described or not. It might be that you need to also associate the WT to the WD. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

I have a few of these and yes the association should be on each device associated with the other devices. Sadly, it has been my experience that the status LEDs are not always reflected. There have been times where LED should be off but it is not and times where the LED should be on but it is not. This seems to be even more pronounced when it is in a 4-way or 5-way and when the switch is switched on and off within a few seconds. However, it does not affect the operation so I have just gotten over it.

  1. Add two parameters on the WT00Z1’s ‘Device option’ tab:
    20 1byte dec 1
    21 1byte dec 1

  2. Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab, and then click the ‘Configure node right now’

  3. Go back to the ‘Device option’ tab, check ‘Current Value’ of above two parameters. You are good to go if both of them are ‘1’.

WT00Z1 may take up to 60 seconds to synchronize its LED status with the WD500Z.

I installed a WT00Z1 and a WD500Z to replace a 3 way switch configuration. The LED status was not updating correctly. I changed parameter 21 to 1, parameter 20 to 1, and it updates after 30 seconds. With paramater 20 set to the default of 2 it updates in 1:00. Before setting paramater 21 the LED would not be the same on the WT00Z1 as the WD500z.
I really like these switches.

Thanks nathanlhc. That worked great. If only the WD500 had an adjustable dim rate these switches would be great.

I have several WT00Z1 3 way switches in my set up. All of them are configured for indicator led synchronization via the parameter 20 and 21 feature noted above and all has worked well for a number of years. Recently one of the WT00Z1 switches failed. In trying to obtain a WT00Z1 I learned that it is no longer current and its replacement is the WT00Z5, I ordered a WT00Z5 as a replacement and installed it. It appears that the parameter 20 and 21 feature is no longer supported by the WT00Z5. Maybe there is a different approach that enables the indicator leds to synchronize and if someone on the forum has figured this out I would love to know it, until then HEADS UP!! the WT00Z5 appears to NOT be backward compatible with the WT00Z1 that it is meant to be replacing in so much as it does not appear to support indicator led synchronization.

Hope this helps: Product Configuration Capabilities