WP7.5, Grasshopper live mode and Foscam

Hello, I’m the proud owner of a Vera 2, and I always have accessed remotely via Home Buddy with Android, but now I have a Windows Phone 7.5, and I’m trying Grasshopper, everything works well, but camera live mode doesn’t work, with “The video stream is not MPEG”, but my foscam camera only streams in MPEG format, anyone know how to solve it?

Thanks and kind regards.

Sorry i’ve been non existent on here. I kind of went into hibernation till the windows 8 sdk came out for the phone and desktop. They changed the way the live remote connections work, so the current 7.5 client only works for stills. I’m currently working on a WP8 client which is almost beta ready that uses an auto refresh approach if you are remote, but uses the original live mode if you are on your local network. Since i’m concentrating on WP8, i won’t be doing any updates to the 7.5 client at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.