World's only CCTV system with Face and Object detection for Free!

Hi everyone,

We’ve released a new EzVidoo Beta release v.0.11.0

You can download it both for Windows or Linux under its homepage.

EzVidoo is world’s only CCTV system with Face and Object detection for Free. It has a hub running in it that can run both in Windows and Linux environments. It is FREE to install and use it locally on your own computers!

You can add faces of persons you know. Vidoo will notify you who was there. Face log will be also created.

After you add people to the previous menu then here in Face Logs you can see people who was recognised by the camera.

Also in the History section any object that is detected or any person that was recognised will be tagged in the video clips as shown below

PS. Please remember that if you have used any previous version of Vidoo, you should do a clean install for version 0.11.0 to work properly. Please don’t forget to do a factory reset on Vidoo and uninstall VirtualBox before installation.

E# Vidoo 0.11.0 Release Notes:

New Features

  • Object detection
  • Face Detection/Recognition
  • Tagging history for face and object tags
  • Tagging clips for face and object tags
  • Tagging history/clips for hotzone tags
  • Integration with meshbots, ability to generate rules on detections
  • Help documentation is available now here.


  • various bug fixes in UI

Is there a change log of bug fixes?


Any chance there will be a Docker version? I run a Linux system not normally compatible with Ubuntu software versions.

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yes definitely you can install on linux within docker without a desktop GUI.

first pls install docker with “sudo ./” command and pls run

“sudo ./”

after you can access to vidoo via http://localhost:8080/entry

pls find the scripts in below drive link

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