Working except for on the home buddy app

I have spent many hours trying to figure this stupid foscam out with vera. I was able to load it in Android IP Cam viewer app in a couple minutes. So far I was able to add a foscam/get a picture, but the device was blank in the devices page and seemed to be lacking all of the camera stuff. I used an old tablet camera device in the devices page that I had for a tablet at the front door for alarm interface etc. With the old tablet camera device working and now an image showing in the dashboard etc on the icon, I 'm trying to get it to show on the home buddy app.

The home buddy app says
Tap to stream
Fetching Camera Info…
Unable to get camera info (unable to retrieve camera information)

It did show a single pic after the first time I hit tap to stream, It showed it after it said there was an error, then Unable to get camera info (unable to retrieve camera information)

I installed the foscam app and vistacam app

Any ideas?

If the HomeBuddy app was using the remote connection to connect to Vera, streaming of video footage will not work. This is a limitation of UI5 and the api calls to do something like this is non-existent or deprecated due to security reasons. Many apps, including mine just pull the still image about 1 every second on the local network and once every X seconds when on the remote servers from vera.

  • Garrett