Workaround for Muting Only One Device?

Is there a workaround so I can mute only one device if I have two iPhones utilizing the same iCloud account? If my wife is home but I’m out there could be a scenario where I would still want to track my location and perform some actions based on it.


Create a 2nd iPhone locator, and move one phone to the other device.

go to Apps

Select the iPhone Detector app

Select Create Another

Ok perfect. I thought if I had only one iCloud account I could only have one iPhone Locator plug-in. Thanks!

Kind of a follow-up question: Do all devices on my iCloud account get pinged for their location, even if I don’t use them in the iPhone Locator plug-in?

It would appear to me that the iOS devices on the left are all the devices in your accountant when you move them to the right … these are the active devices that are being polled.

That is what I am assuming but my wife was complaining of her phone dying faster than normal and the only thing I can think of is that my phone being pinged all day by the locator somehow was also affecting her phone which uses the same iCloud account.

hmm… that would certainly negate the reason to create 2 iPhone locator devices to mute one or the other for this very sake.

I may try adding another and test also…

It might be unrelated but I thought I would try to find an answer

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Iphone locator queries iCloud and then iCloud queries the iDevices, so i would agree, even if you are not interested in the other iDevice, iCloud will most likely query them too if they are under the same icloud account.

I checked a bit and indeed the only parameter passed in the web service to iCloud is the iCloud account name. there is no parameter for the device itself, so afraid the answer is yes, it polls them all.