Work started on converting Grasshopper to the Universal App Platform

I’ve started work converting the apps to run in the Universal App Platform. Hopefully this is going to help streamline the code and make it less complicated and easier to maintain long term. You’ll hear more when its ready, but if you have uap related feature suggestions for anything let me know. I haven’t really reviewed the UAP framework but i expect everything you have on the phone will then be able to be available on the desktop app once i get it converted.

Wasn’t it an universal app already? They look a lot alike…


Sorta. They are windows 8.1 universal apps. They share a lot of the same code but the apis were not really universal… maybe about 70% shared. This platform consolidates the code down to one app, so theoretically it can run on any windows device (desktop, phone, tablet, xbox, iot, etc). Basically you are no longer really developing for anything other than screen sizes and possibly some unique hardware capabilities of a device. Its really just about making the code smaller and easier to maintain. If your interested in learning more you you can see some info here:

Great link, thanks. Very interesting.

Voice commands definitely work the same as phone now on windows uap

Probably about 70% complete

Got the app to pass certification. Now i’m just fixing miscellaneous bugs. So far feature parity appears to be 100% except for any hardware limitations. Hoping to get this out in the next week or so.

Cool. Looking forward to it. I noticed some odd discapancies between the WM8 and Windows 10 client: the Windows 10 client seemed more responsive to my odd network setup.