Wolf Paulus TTS Now Mac2Speech

Seems like he’s made a licensed version and done away with the free, not sure if this means it’s more compatible with newer versions of the Mac OS (even though it still indicates OSX) or what it offers in addition. Perhaps a project whereby he’ll maintain it with updates based on ‘subscriber’ feedback.




$39.00 USD

HTTP GET Request
Sending an HTTP GET with voice and text parameters, will result in a MediaType.APPLICATION_OCTET_STREAM. I.e. the audio content is streamed directly in the HTTP response.
If the optional save=true parameter-value pair is sent with the request, an additional HTTP header gets include, to encourage downloading instead of directly playing the MP3.
Here is an example:
http://localhost:8080/tts/?voice=Alexi&text=Hello World!

Sending an HTTP POST with voice and text parameters, will create and temporarily store an MP3 file on the server.
The URL to that MP3 file is returned and can be requested, until the server gets restarted, at which time all temporarily created files are deleted.

Demo mode:
“While in Demo mode, ?created with Mac 2 Speech? is injected into the text, before the speech synthesis.
There is no other difference between the Demo and Pro version of Mac2Speech.”