Wired window and door sensors for DSC?

I am ordering the alarm for my new house and before drywall goes up I want to get my alarm system wired up. I was leaning towards DSC Power 1832 but can’t find wired door window sensors…does anyone make them to work with the power series?

For wired, sensors, they should be interchangeable.

My house came pre-wired, but over the yrs I’ve had to replace one or two sensors so I bought a bag of spares.

For the top of the sash Windows, and for the Doors, I’m using GE Sentrol 1125TN. They were about USD$35 (shipped) for a bag of 50 using eBay. The ones I replaced related to some failed plunge-switch units the installer used in two locations. None of the Sentrol units (reed switches) have failed in ~7yrs.

For the bottom of the sash Windows, I’m using something more like Flair Electronics VIP100 2" Surface Mount Magnetic Alarm Contact White, but I can’t remember who I made the bulk purchase though. These are face-mounted, using double-sided tape, to avoid puncturing the lower window weather seal - keep a stash of double-sided tape around, since they can peal off in extreme heat.

Technically, EOL resistors should be installed at these sensors so that wiring faults (etc) can be correctly detected. Mine were never done like that and I’ve not bothered to repair/fix that.

“Wired” door and window sensors are generic items that work similarly with all alarm systems - they won’t be manufactured for a specific make/model of alarm system. They are very simple devices - nothing more than a reed switch that is held normally closed when in proximity to a magnet.

Great. Thanks!

Also, window sensors can be wired different ways and depending on how they are wired, will determine the number of zoned used and how easy it is to identify the breached zone.

The other points, zones are easily consumed during instal and for HA purpose too lol at 1864 for the few $ extra

Some examples http://tennesseealarmstore.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=21