Wink Connect natively on OpenLuup?

Hi Cybrmage!

I would like to attempt to install this on a Raspberry PI 3 running OpenLuup/AltUI. In the OpenLuup section, your plugin is listed on the plugins known to work. I have removed your plugin on my Vera3 (UI5) in order to offload resources (the whole point of my Raspberry PI project).

The installation instructions in your DOCUMENTATION thread say that new installations must be installed from the marketplace. I don’t think I can do that on OpenLuup.

I downloaded the 12 files from the marketplace for version .51 - can I just manually copy them to the /home/pi/vera/cmh-ludl folder on my OpenLuup machine?

Then in AltUI, create new device & use the D_Wink_Hub1.xml & the I_Wink_Hub1.xml - or is it more complicated? (or forget it, not possible)?

Thanks in advance.

ps. Hope you’re feeling well