Windows 7 media centre plugin

Hi guys, is anyone aware of an IP plugin that is available for the control of windows 7 mce?
I’m not wanting anything fancy really just control of the menus via sq remote. I have created ir plugins for all my other devices but wanted something a bit better for mce. If there isn’t one could someone point me in the direction of how to create a socket connection. I am very new to all this and was only really able to do my ir ones with a template. As much help as you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


I haven’t checked vera’s database, but I use a windows mce remote to control mythtv, and the sqblaster codes work. I use the ones from Microsoft under the VCR category - UEI Setup Code 1972. If you need to get the codes into Vera, and you have sqremote, you can modify a copy of another device’s I and D files using the sqremote codes. You can do this even without a sqblaster… Just create a fake sqblaster in sq app. Then add the device above. Backup to Then on your computer, log into box and grab the relevant XML files.

If you have the SQBlaster (Puck), then the SQRemote “Device” file can be transformed into the [tt]I_xxx.xml[/tt] and [tt]D_xxx.xml[/tt] file(s) using the XSLT transform files I reference in the SQRemote forum.

It’ll save you hand-editing another file to make it look right…

Se this post for details:

Then you can control it from Vera, via the SQBlaster, using the above generated/transformed device files, along with the SQBlaster Plugin.

Morning All,

Lastnight I bit the bullet and created an IR plugin for Windows MCE, if anyone wants a copy they are more than welcome just send me a message with your email.

There is one issue with it that I have though, the menu navigation i.e. up down left and right works in the sence that the cursor moves arround the MCE menu but only once!

When you press left for instance you can move left once which to me proves that the IR code obviously works but then when you press it again nothing happens.

Has anyone any experiance of this and possibly have a fix for it… baffled as to why this might be.

If anyone has a fix for this please let me know and I will be happy to first fix the plugin before distribution.

Feel free to attach the relevant files directly to a posting here.

You’ll likely get more people helping you that way, since they’ll [freely] be able to see the latest versions of the code as you evolve it. You’ll see @woodsby, @Ap15e and others doing that elsewhere in the forums here.

Its probably that windows is expecting the code to toggle between two codes with each press. Capture the output twice in a row in the same direction to confirm.

I busted out my MCE remote and my old USB-UIRT and can see that the codes do toggle.

You may be able to get around this with this registry hack: