Windowcovering in OpenLuup with reactor

Those variables are defined in the S_WindowCovering1.xml file

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<scpd xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:service-1-0">

It’s an openLuup issue. I’m talking to @akbooer on the private channel about the details of it.

Ok, thanks!

OK, @akbooer has a fix, and I’ve verified, so far so good. You will need to upgrade your openLuup installation to the latest development branch version of openLuup.

@rigpapa @akbooer
I have updated openLuup by typing development and click update now (circled in red) -> Luup reload and ctrl F5 (hard refresh browser).


I had no result. I still have the state variable below.


From the (low resolution) screen shot, I can just see the the openLuup version number is 20.3.something, and also that some of the plugin icons are missing.

If this was post-update, then the update didn’t work. Can we see a log from another update attempt? It’s possible that this is due to recent GitHub URL redirect changes, and you’ll have to manually update the openLuup folder from the GitHub development branch.

After some research on the internet I was able to upgrade to openLuup 20.4.14b. The problem is solved within 24 hours! Thanks @rigpapa and @akbooer for the quick response.


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