Window Sensor Status

A lot of times during Summer I want to arm the Vera Alarm leaving some windows opened or the external sliding part of the window opened.
In such a case the installed magnetic sensors will be always in open status and the alarm will be triggered due to the normal scenes for windows (sensor armed and opened).
Is there a way to include in a scene a “change of status” as a trigger and NOT an “armed and opened” one, so to be able to arm the alarm during summer?
This is an important problem for the correct operation of the Alarm.


If you’re using PLEG, use a time since last change trigger instead of the armed and open.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Apart from installing the PLEG plugin there is no other way I.e erase the open status after some time or trigger when we have a change of status and not open and arm?

Simple value/state change (from any value to any other value) for any device variable is a feature of Reactor 2.0, which is currently in late beta and will likely be released this weekend (current 1.8 version doesn’t have it). If you’d like to install the beta, get it here:,112679.0.html

The easiest/best way to install the beta is to install 1.8 from the Vera Plugin Marketplace first, then upload the beta2.0 release files over it using Apps > Develop Apps > Luup files

While you could manually override the status, I wouldn’t. Some sensors report in on a regular basis and others get polled so you’re changes would likely get reverted and set off the alarm again. I left Vera for the most part and moved to another platform where I have far better control over this kind of thing, it’s a bit more work to code and debug, but that’s the price I pay. Patience and persistence will get you exactly what you want, you just have to be willing to put in the time. Do one little thing at a time so you don’t screw yourself though…