Window Coverings

Sorry if this topic has already been discussed but I did a search and didn’t find anything.

Is it possible to control window coverings (shades/blinds) with the native Google Home integration? I have added my devices but they don’t show up in the Google Home app. It looks like Google supports window coverings I’m not sure if it hasn’t yet been implemented or if I’m just doing something wrong.



When you say “native Google Home integration” what do you actually mean (since this is the forum of a bridge between Vera and Google Home)?

You can control roller blinds added to your Vera with Google Home via Vera Concierge. They will show as dimmable lights, but it works.

There are roller blinds control units out there that can talk directly to Google Home as well if that’s what you’re looking for.

Sorry, by native integration I mean the ability to say “Hey Google, close my blind” instead of “Hey Google, talk to Vera Concierge” (which I don’t think works any more).

I thought about making my blinds show up as a light but I have other lights in rooms and I don’t want the blinds to go up/down when the kids say turn on/off the living room lights. It looks like Google now supports the shade/blind device type so I was wondering if that could be (or already has been and I’m missing it) integrated in to Vera Concierge.

What I do currently is have my blinds added via vera concierge and given the nickname “The Blinds” and I can say “Hey, Google, Set the blinds to xx%”. However it thinks its a dimmable light so shut/open doesn’t work, I have to say turn off/turn on (or just use %).

I use the Fibaro roller shutter.

Nice, creative. I don’t want to use a light device though because I (and the rest of my family) will say things like turn on/off the living room lights to turn on all the lights in the living room. I have blinds in my living room and that would make them go up/down.

Maybe someday window control will be directly integrated. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I had to put it in a special room where I’ve put all the devices that should never be part of turning on/off all lights in the room they’re physically in.