Window A/C Units with ZXT-120 and Nest

Looking at my next project and need some advice. I have a few Window A/C units and was looking to control them with a few ZXT-120 IR units.
1 unit on the first floor has a Nest Thermostat and was wondering if I can have the cooling half of the Nest Control the ZXT-120.

My other Idea was to fine a Z-wave Contact close device I can add the the A/C I can take the Y1 off the nest to trigger a contact sensor then have a scene in vera to trigger the ZXT-120 to turn the A/C unit on and off.

In the other rooms Id like to use a a CT-30 or CT-100 to trigger the ZXT-120 to control the Window A/C units in each room

Any feedback or Ideas would be greatly appreciated

Ok just got all my gear for the project. ;D going to try and get it going tonight…

keep us posted, following with interest!

I have a somewhat similar setup to what you’re trying to do. We put a mini-split A/C in our garage to make it a livable area. We also have a Nest for the rest of the house. I created some logic in PLEG that monitors the Nest and the ZXT-120. Thanks to the sensors in the ZXT-120, Vera always knows how hot or cold it is in the garage. That way, PLEG simply tells it to turn the mini-split on if it gets a few degrees warmer than the Nest’s set-point and off again if it gets a few degrees cooler than the Nest’s set-point. It’s worked extremely well so far.