Wind data from a Oregon WGR800 to Rfxtrx433E


Ive got a RFXTRX433E that recieves sigbals from all my 433 Mhz-equipment. I have a Oregon WGR800 that recieves wind data.
When I connect the Rfxtrx directly to my PC I can see that it send 3 different formats lf the wind data. Km/h, miles/h and m/s.
Default it sends Km/h to Vera and that is what it displays. Does anybody knows where and which parametwr to adjuat to recieve m/s.
That is what I want to recieve instead of km/h.

Hello @blajan,

There is not a native parameter to tweak the units in which that speed is displayed for that device, however you could catch that variable and have it converted to m/s. We’ll send you a pm and take it from there to help you.