Will this work

I am thinking about getting a Verasagain, but I use a iPad. Will the Vera work with the iPad
since the iPad does not have flash?

UI4 isn’t flash based so it should be fine. I’ll have to try it out next time I am at a friends who owns one. You also have the option of using iTouch apps scaled to iPad size to control Vera.

UI4 (which is not Flash based) works great on the iPad. And of course SQ Remote works fine, too, even though it isn’t a universal app yet.

I use my ipad all the time with Vera’s web interface. That is you must either be using UI2 or UI4. I am currently on UI4. The only issue that I have with the ipad and UI4 is that I can not use the slider for my dim capable devices. This is a minor issue and will talk with MCV about it.

  • Garrett

Is Vera 2 with UI 4 reliable for a basic setup in a townhome? U have been looking at the forums and it looks bad as far as the disgruntled users go.

UI4 is becoming very stable and from what I can tell, they are making great progress toward a general release. I’m not sure exactly what that means in terms of timing, but I expect it to be soon. And if you’re like me, you’re gonna love it.

Many of the disgruntled users on this forum are here to ask for help. You will get this almost in any online community. Do not let the bad posts steer you away. Vera2 with UI4 is a great product and is getting better everyday. I use the Vera2 in my town home that is 2300sq/ft. I do not have the whole house hooked up yet, but I do have many devices being controlled by the vera2 and it is working great. I am glade I spent the money. There is so many things that can be done with home automation.

  • Garrett

I am trying to use my ipad to access the web interface of Vera2 UI4. I am using wifi but am not on the same network as the vera box. I am going to MO, I login and it gives me the option to choose plain text or graphical. When I choose either one of these it takes me to a screen that has the ssid of my vera box for me to choose. When I choose the one I want to view it takes me to MiOS. From here if I login it just keeps refreshing the page.

Hi deatoninc

Just use MiOS