Will Harmony Hub play nicely with Vera + Amazon Echo?

I’m thinking of adding Harmony Hub to my setup, and wondering if Harmony plays nicely with Vera and Amazon Echo. I’m worried about buying it, and then realizing it doesn’t work the way I thought.

I’m imagining that I can set things up to tell Alexa verbal commands that trigger Harmony to turn on TV, adjust volume, etc.

I’m also imagining that I can tell Alexa “Enter movie mode” and simultaneously have Vera dim lights, and have Harmony turn on TV.

Am I correctly understanding the functionality? And are there way bigger and better things I can achieve, that I haven’t thought of?

Thanks so much!

Hi. I use it like you describe and it works.
Br Stefan

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Alexa is getting better at understanding me and I am getting better luck with verbal commands every day.

I use it a lot now. The remote sometimes doesn’t even get out of the charge cradle, especially in the morning when I’m up before everyone else.

I’m just now working in Vera to the mix but I actually use the Hub Extender to control lights in the Family Room as this allows buttons on the Elite Remote to control them as well as Alexa, the Vera App [i]and[i/] the Harmony App.