Will excluding devices affect associations?

I don’t suppose I have to elaborate a bunch on the title, but I plan on excluding some devices on my Z-wave network to move to another controller and was curious if the associations programmed into those devices will remain or be erased when the exclusion is executed.

Thanks for the help

Every time I add/remove a device I go into Settings>Z Wave Settings> Repair (towards the middle of the screen) and hit OK. This should find / update routes on the network.

I am not concerned with routing, its associations that I am concerned with. I have various controllers that are associated to micro-switches and other switches as N-way circuits so they function normally even when the controller is disconnected. I want to know if those associations are broken if the devices are excluded from the same network.

Yes, the act of un pairing will reset the device deleting the association.

Yes all associations within the device will be lost. Furthermore, if the device is controlled by another device, a wall controller that is associated to it or a scene, that association will no longer work.

When you exclude a device it is wiped and reset to factory defaults. This includes erasing the Z-Wave HomeID and NodeID, let’s say it was 4. When you include the device again, to the same Z-Wave network, it will be reprogrammed with the previous HomeID, but it will receive a new NodeID, this time 39. Since all other associated devices and scenes are looking for NodeID4, they have no way of activating NodeID39, even if it is the same physical switch in the same physical location.

Exactly what I suspected.

Thanks @Z-Waver, something told me the answer was going to come from you…