Will a Sonos One with built in Alexa work as an Alexa device in Vera?

I quess it will but to be sure before I shop; will a Sonos One with built in Alexa work as an Alexa device in Vera?

PS: I have a couple of Amazone Dots which works fine, but are in the market of some new Sonos devices so it would be nice if I could get both Sonos and Alexa in the same device.

I have just bought a Sonos One and I can control all my Vera devices in the same way as an Echo Dot.

However, I am thinking of returning my Sonos One as it is causing a problem with my Echo Dot which is attached to a Sonos Connect Amp using the Line-In.

The problem has been given a name called ?Ducking? and it basically makes all the Sonos devices in the household turn the volume down when the Alexa devices are talking and listening. This basically means the Echo Dot has a very low volume unless they are playing music.

It?s also causing an interruption of music if you have lots of Sonos and Alexa devices in a household.

Sonos are blaming Amazon for the problem and there is no fix yet.


I’ve got the “ducking” issue also and I have just two Dot’s and a handfull of Sonos speakers (Play1, Play 5 and Connect). Non of my Dot’s is connected to the Sonos with a line-is and I don’t have any Sonos One speakers so the “ducking” issus is something which happens over the network and is not bound to line-in or the Sonos One. I don’t think returning your Sonos One will solve it.

Though; this did start just resently with one of the latest Sonos software updates so its a general new issue. Sure is annoying though.

Mine has always ‘ducked’ ever since Sonos released their update for Echo.
I assumed it was deliberate to avoid the Echo being swamped by the music.

Nothing to do with the Sonos One (I don’t have one), but I have several others and several Echo devices.
Waking up any Echo device ducks the audio on all the speakers that are playing.

IMO it’s a good thing rather than a bug - you only have to shout “Alexa” and then can speak normally… :wink:
Be better if it had the option to only duck the audio in the room the Echo device is in though.

Hi, I know this isn’t a Sonos forum, but just to explain a little better…

My Echo Dot is connected via the Line-in to a Sonos Connect Amp, this way I get clear voice coming through the Sonos speakers instead of the tweeter in the Echo Dot.

With the Sonos skill enabled in Alexa, as soon as I say “Alexa” the volume on the Sonos is reduced, so you cant hear what is being said. So if you say “Alexa, whats the weather”, you cant hear the reply.

The frustrating thing, is Sonos One requires the skill even though it has Alex built in and the skill automatically detects the other Sonos in the household. Even if you manually delete the Connect Amp from the “Smart Home” Devices page in the Alexa App, it is re-detected after a few hours.

Sonos have confirmed in an email that they are aware of the problem and have reported it to Amazon.