WiFiUDP Plugin - Controller/Factory for Wi-Fi switches, bulbs, etc.

We’re so sorry. This has been removed at the request of its original developer.

I plan to list the actual devices I’m using in my house, but not tonight. Maybe tomorrow. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

OH how much do I want this to work, [s]alas I’ve followed your instructions, created the device but there is no option setting available.

Similarly, clicking on Control shows a box with nothing in it.[/s]

Reloaded the files and got the device up and running.
Doesn’t work with Tuya devices.

Hi Jim, any chance you could publish this to the app store to make it simpler to maintain?

Howdy, I finally got around to having a play with this and while the install goes smoothly and my Wemo Switch is detected - pressing “add” changes the button to “adding” but nothing every happens after that. I have the UPNP proxy installed and the scan function finds my Wemo device without issues - I just can add it. :-[

Sorry if you folks are feeling abandoned, but…
Cybrmage has asked me to remove the plugin from general availability, which I have done.
Unfortunately, after explaining this in my edit of post #1, I wake up this morning to find that post has been deleted. So, I’m stating here, again, why the plugin has been withdrawn.
In other words, I don’t feel comfortable answering questions/problems on this forum since cybrmage has made his feelings clear.

I do intend to re-write the plugin using none of cybrmage’s code and release a new version in the future but can’t say how long that will take.

No dramas, I got it working, I needed to activate the switch while it was in “adding” state and now it works great.

Doh! WifiUDP has stopped working for me today - It’s showing my Belkin Light as on when it isnt and wont update. I tried re-installing all the files in case it became corrupt but this didn’t help. I also forced an update of the UPNP app but this didnt help either.

I’ll try removing and re-adding the device but it’s weird as this has been working great for the last 2 months.