Wifi Setup

Has anyone been able to get vera working as client? I am trying to connect to a Linksys WRT54G. I go to Advanced\Net &Wifi\Scan for network and enter in the password and click on “Pick”. In the background it says “Server busy” and it would freeze up. Then when I connect the ethernet cable back it will show the network that I want to connect to in the Net & Wifi page but it will not connect after I disconnect the ethernet cable.

I got it working with my V1 and it really didn’t look like it was going to work either. I think I ended up rebooting it and then it associated.

I am on V2 running 1183. I rebooted it and the Eth1 just keeps flashing. It doesn’t seem like it associates and the Wifi light never comes on.

Do you presently have it set on automatic? I switched mine to client mode when it was already configured manually with an IP and the “mios is a switch” selected. Might be worth a try?

I tried both mios as switch and bridge with no luck. I also have a static IP setup instead of dhcp.

Had this happen too.

I restarted my router and restarted Vera (with ethernet plugged in) and the option to connect to an existing network finally appeared. This (inability to change to switch or bridge) happened a few times as I have installed the beta and then did a wipe and clean reinstall of the beta again cause of other issues.

I do have DHCP however so its slightly different than your situation.

Good luck!

I just did it last night and after picking the network I closed the popup box and hit save. Then I had to unplug it and let it reboot to get it to work. I also just left dhcp on to start and then changed it to staic and rebooted again and all was good. Remember that you have to put the router ip in both gateway and dns boxes.

I tried what you did but it did not work.

Are you on V1 or V2? Does your wifi light come on? When the ethernet cable is not plug in the ETH1 keeps flashing.

Resolved. I realized that Vera was incorrectly recognizing my encryption as WPA2 during the scan when my router was set for WPA. This prevented it from associating. Once I changed the encryption on my router to WPA2, Vera was able to connect to my router.