Wi-Fi access on veraplus

I am investigating connecting my veraplus (firmware 1.7.4453) to my Wi-Fi. Currently tethered with static IP, but because of some house remodeling, I may need to go untethered for a while. I’ve read various forum posts and can’t find definitive answers. (Many posts are years old.) When I select connect “Through a Wi-Fi access point”, the 2.4 MHz radio is enabled, but so is the access point. I understand the radio being enabled, but definitely do not want the access point “feature.” If I connect veraplus to my Wi-Fi, can I disable the access point. I would experiment with the settings, but do not want to lock myself out the device as I don’t have the time to troubleshoot.

I think the AP always comes on. Something of a ‘feature’…


Better to leave it intact
Later, if you want to connect WiFi equipment to you smart home, do not connect it to main WiFi network. Connect it tio Vera, in unrouted environment,withg own DHCP server, for security reasons.