Why my Reactor Sensor malfunctions? - Newbie's question...:-)

Hello. I set Reactor Sensor Condition as:

and Activities as:


The idea behind is simplest: when we are at night AND(!!!) door sensor sensed the door opening - switch the light in the coridor on.
But as I can see the lights are switched on either on night arrival or on door opening. That means - the lights switch on when the night arrives.
Why??? The condition clearly says AND! Or at least I think it says so, but…
Please, any help will be highly appreciated…

Look at the Status tab to see what it says there about the conditions and device states.

Thank you for the willing to help, #regpapa:slight_smile:
Below is the status. I don’t see something criminal. may be you?

So right now, the Day or Night is reporting 1 (whatever that means), and since your test is for 0, the result of the condition is false (showing (false) as of 06:36:47; the 1 in front of that is the current value from the Day or Night device Status variable).

The door sensor, where you are testing for “1”, is currently at a value of 0, so that condition is also false as of yesterday at 11am.

Watch how these change. If the light comes on when you don’t expect it, go visit this and see what status the devices are in, and check your logic (both as written and what you expect from these devices).

The light went on at sunset. Here is the status:

So, night arrived, but door sensor was silent! Why the lights went on?

Maybe check My Modes and see if your “armed” sensor is set by default to trigger anything. Check “what to do if an armed sensor trips”. You Day or Night may be considered a sensor.

If you are using Day Night plugin (I don’t have this) it might have defaulted something in sensors being armed to trigger actions you might not be seeing.

I personally would remove Day Night plugin if that is what you are using and use the built-in Sunrise/Sunset in Reactor.

I also assume Day is 1 and Night is 0.

Seems like you have something else controlling the same light. Scene?