Why is GE 12727 Backordered?

Anyone know why the GE 12727 Zwave switch has a 1 - 3 month lead time on Amazon (and backordered everywhere else)?

Jasco, the manufacturer/importer of the GE switches, would probably be the better people to ask this.

I little Googling and research reveals that model is in the pre-order stage right now with expected shipments starting end of June from most distributors.

I ordered 7 of the GE dimers, 6 switches, 7 auxiliary and 2 ceiling fan controllers from Discount Automation and could not get them in time for my house I am building, so I ended up canceling the order. I found 6 older model GE switches at a local Lows store so I bought them and had those installed in my home. However one of my local Lows has those newer switches, dimmers and auxiliary switches in their Iris display now, no fan controllers though, but it’s too late now to get builders electrician to install them now. I am thinking of doing the Lutron Casita dimmers and remotes instead using Wink as a bridge, and installing them my self or hiring an electrician once I move in at end of month. I would still like to find those GE ceiling fan controllers, I have 2 now and nead 2 more.

What does any of that have to do with the OP’s original question/request for the GE 12727 which is simply a Z-wave toggle type switch ???