Why does Vera 2 periodically lose, then regain contact with nodes???


two weeks ago, I wrote this post,
about performing a Heal with stress test, which seem to have caused my Vera 2 to lose contact with half of my nodes. To sum up, I went to bed that night with no resolution, but in the morning I performed another Heal w/stress test and all nodes came back with 4 or 5 stars and with green checkmarks.

Just this past weekend, I added a Wayne Dalton outdoor outlet to control my Christmas lights, when I noticed that again, my Vera was reporting that about half my nodes had no stars and were not configuring correctly. I performed a bunch (mabe 6) of heal w/stress test over the remainder of that evening and the next morning, and finally all nodes reported as configured and had 4 or 5 stars of connectivity.

Does anyone else experience this behavior? What could cause this? My assumption is it’s either the z-wave chip in my Vera 2 taking a break (or possibly dying,) or it’s due to external radio interference in my house (maybe its UFOs hovering overhead :slight_smile: Does anyone else have an idea what causes this sporadic issue???

I’m experiencing some new issues lately. What I’m most curious about is where you see these “stars”…? I’ve never seen stars to indicate connectivity using Vera 2, UI4. Is this a hardware-specific feature? All of my hardware is either Monster Cable, Kwikset, and Intermatic.

I’ve attached a screenshot. This is the results page that comes up after you complete a Heal with stress test in the Wizard interface.

OK, that’s what I was missing–I don’t use the wizard much, if at all. Thanks!


Could please someone explain how to activate this HEAL from the wizard. I only can add new devices.
Version: 1.1.1338