Why do we need extra hardware ?


Im very new to Vera and trying to set it up with my Google Home. If I understand the threads correctly, I need an always on device (computer / raspberry pi / NAS box) in order to make this work. Why would I need that when on the other hand if I had an Amazon Alexa rather than a Google Home I wouldnt need any extra device ?

Sorry if I have misunderstood.



if you want to run things with Google Home through Vera Concierge, then you need an always on server to facilitate communication between your Vera device and Google.

another option, which works wonderfully for me, is to run my Google Home commands through Logitech Harmony. it’s the same concept, however. instead of running an always on computer, the harmony home device is “always on.” I operate all of my A/V devices through Harmony Home ($69-$150). I purchased the z-wave/zigbee extender for Harmony ($99) and registered it as a controller with Vera Edge. (at this point, I can control all of my lighting and on/off z-wave devices either through the Vera app or the Harmony app on my phones/tablets). Next, I linked Harmony to Google Home (Harmony has the native Google Home app that Vera does not, hence the need for Vera Concierge). Lastly, Google Home will only run “activities” that I setup in Harmony, so I created “activities” that consist of simple things like “turn on bedroom light” or “turn on kitchen light” (the off commands are automatic during setup). You can create any number of “activities” in Harmony, and once established there, Google can run them. just be careful how you name things because the title of the activity is everything.

yup nu need it, alexa does not, so its either work with it or not … VC can even control ir devices …its pretty dope