Why do the device icons disapear?

As an example, I have several Kwickset locks that show a nice little icon of a lock when I click on the lock/unlock button but after some period of time they resort back to a circle. This happens with all my lights, locks, sensors etc.

Why don’t the icons stay?

This sounds like a browser issue. You’re not using Internet Explorer 8/9/10 are you? If so, I would recommend that you use Mozilla or Chrome.

Here is a detailed post and fix about Vera Icons and Internet Explorer compatibility. But, your best option is to use a different browser.


Thanks for the response, I appreciate you sending the info. As an employee of Microsoft, I’m a pretty committed user of Internet Explorer :slight_smile: I’m going to run this to ground and find a solution since moving to chrome isn’t really an option for me.

Sorry to hear it’s our technology causing this issue but hopefully I can help find a permanents solution.



Boy that sucks… Having to use IE that is! :wink:

Do they force you to use it, or are you just worried that it would get back to the big guy?

I think it’s called eating their own dog food

I was pretty dedicated to IE until version 10. 10 and 11 are horrible, I’ve had tons of issues with websites and the Java runtime not launching properly and just general performance issues. After that I moved to chrome and couldn’t be happier (even if they do collect my browser history).

I am using exp 9, vista, and I think it would be great if someboddy would do somthing about these “blue balls”.

So folks
Talk nice to him !
He wants to help.

Sorry about your blue balls. ;D

There is a rather complicated fix for your issue, I linked to it above, where you change the java script in the Vera files. But, I wouldn’t bother with it, frankly.

I’m sure you know that you can use another browser. Also, hopefully, the issue is resolved in UI6 and beyond.

Hi z-waver
Yes I know about it, thanks.
I know nothing about ssh, but I have seen that it might be possible to go throug info viewer (which cannot be downloaded in IE, a more sevire IE problem).
And if it was a large problem I would use an other browser. It does not affect functionallyty, but it would be nice if it was fixed.
Gengen, I think he made the fix, has done a good job in finding a solution.

We’re not forced to use IE per se but we do “eat our own dogfood” With all of us using our products we can find these type of edge cases that aren’t caught in testing.

Thanks again for the info.