Why do my lights randomly turn off?

Recently my lights have been turning off randomly as the title suggests. Usually they’ll randomly turn off 2 times in a row. I thought it may have been one of my family members accidentally turning the lights off but today it happened at 1:00am when everyone was asleep. Attached is a screenshot of the logs, and the light that turned off is device 152. I cannot make anything of the logs so was wondering if someone else could understand them! The only suspicion I have is the DeusExMachinaII plugin I have installed… but I checked and its currently in idle mode… Also I don’t have any scenes specifically turning these lights on and off.

Current versions of DEMII log a message along with their actions, specifically so you can tell if it’s DEMII manipulating the light, and I don’t see those messages here.

But, for the sake of thoroughness, you can turn DEMII off via its “on/off” switch, and reload Luup, and see if the problem goes away.

One suspicion and you may verify if it is the case or not:
Did you turn these lights on and at some point turned them off through either through the vera during the day? It could be a trailing command which was registered and not acknowledged (somehow because it was busy healing at that time) by the vera and the vera is retrying?

Have it disabled and reloaded LUUP, lets see how it goes. The lights turning on and off is so random, will take a few days to see if it worked!

In this case the lights were turned ON via the app, but no off commands were sent prior to them turning off randomly. This has been the case for the times the lights have randomly turned off. The only other device that could be acting up is my automationbridge (HomeKit google home bridge) but I checked its’ logs and it did not turn off the lights.

Other possibility: The remote access server from mios sending the commands. Why I do not know but I found it too unreliable and insecure and disconnected mine.

Could be very possible, if that’s the issue it’s gonna be a PITA to live with

So haven’t had any random lights turning on or off since. The only change I made was disabling DeusExMachinaII. Re-enabled it today, so lets see if that’s the culprit.

Check your configuration. If it’s enabled, it’s going to cycle lights between its configured start and end time. And again, ALL of its activities are logged, so you should be able to correlate any “random” changes to an entry at that time in the LuaUPnP log file.

Currently have it on and it says ‘waiting for activation’.

And what are your activation start and stop times?

It’s based on a reactor sensor, that activates when my alarm is set to away mode and the vera mode is set to away.

Is Deus set to manual activation, then? If not, it will activate at sunset and do things that look randon to you

Yes it is set to manual activation. I attached a screenshot to better clarify the state its currently in.

A screen shot of the configuration screen would actually show the information I was asking for. :slight_smile:

Here ya go!

That’s better! OK. See how that goes. As I said, Deus logs all of its actions. If you get a random turn-off of a light, if Deus did it, there will be a matching entry in your /var/log/cmh/LuaUPnP.log file. Be sure to look there.

Sounds good i will monitor and report back thanks!