Why can't VERA be use to control blinds with a Somfy Connect ( IP )

Hi all,

I have look and ask around to try to find a way to control Somfy blinds with a SOMFY Connect. I have a VERA Edge installed and 12 SOMFY motors controlled through the Somfy Connect. Anyone has an idea how to…?


Do you know if you can send http commands to the Somfy Connect to control those blinds? (I think they have a cloud based API, but documentation is limited) If so you can make that work. I control them via an other gateway via local http commands.

There is no existing direct control build into Vera.

Cheers Rene

Hi Rene and thank you for answering.

I’m not sure what you mean by sending HTTP commands. I know the SOMFY connect use a GUI to help program the motors ( RS484 ) and keypad also to program scenes.


On their developers site they have some info on the API, but without a Connect to talk to the details are close to zero.
You may give it a try with your setup and user details.

Cheers Rene

You can use an RFXCom to control somfy blinds, we use one for all of our somfy blinds, works a treat.

thanks! I’ll see what i can do with them.

is the RFXCom control through a Vera Controler?

RFXCom is 433mHz, no problem using 433mHz Somfy blinds with this as we do, but I think your blinds are a different version which are IP, you need to confirm which type of control you have first.

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