why are some threads too wide for the screen?

curious why a few threads lately do not wrap properly and one has to scroll right to read them?

I thought it was just me seeing that…
It started right after MCV posted in the .1183 regressions thread.
But i’m not pointing the finger of blame!! ;D


If someone posts a “code” block (using the [#] button above), and the code block contains wide lines (no CR/LF chars) then this can happen.

The most common case I’ve seen is where someone uses the “code” tag around Log file output.

To give you an example:

It’s not particularly wide, but it is forcing the browser width due to the long conditions at the bottom… not that wide, but just to give an example.

It’s not a problem of the board, it’s your monitor being too small. :wink:

Hummmm big monitor small …well never mind ;D