Why are my water sensors all duplicating?

I have a number of water sensors scattered around the house, mixed brands. They all function, but for some reason they all have child devices. Each water sensor is duplicated.

Is there anything I did wrong here, just did a regular inclusion and all seemed well, till they started to multiply

Each of my water sensors have a child temperature sensor

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Mine too, but these are arm/disarm that are labeled “water”

@SaraV can you assist pls

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Hello @BillC

Could you please share your unit’s serial number via PM to verify its settings?

Will keep updating you on this forum thread.

Hi @BillC,

Thank you very much for the information provided. We have found three duplicate devices, all corresponding to Fibaro FGFS-101 flood sensors. Duplicate devices have been deleted without any problem.

Please feel free to tag me if you need further assist.


Is there something I did wrong? Is there something I could have done differently to not duplicate the devices?

You are welcome, @BillC

Most of the time, the appearance of duplicate devices is related to failures during pairing or sometimes they simply appear when the device loses communication with the controller. It is not usually related to user errors.

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They multiplied again😂

@Brayan_Arbelaez can you help opening a support ticket pls

Hello @BillC

We have created a support ticket for you in order to give you more personalized assistance. Please check your email inbox in the next few minutes.

Thank you.