Who owns strongcubedfitness.com?

I know I’m probably more paranoid than most, but after installing AltUI and reading about how to get remote access, my red flags started to come up when I saw this URL:


Doing a whois search on Strongcubedfitness.com reveals that it belongs to Wicked Strong Chicks, LLC.

I hate to sound ungrateful to what is an awesome alternative to UI7, but I just have a hard time surrendering my Vera credentials to a third-party company/individual without at least asking around.

I mean, once someone has the keys to your VERA, how difficult would it be to obtain all the other credentials you’re using in your various other plugins (i.e. gmail)?

You don’t have to use this. There are other ways. Weaved.com is a good alternative.

I would probably have a smile on my face if Strong Wicked Chicks showed up at my door. :slight_smile:

Nobody has the keys as it still uses mms servers for vera to store and challenge your credentials.
It is just a login page in https which handles the protocol with mms and if you prefer you could host yourself the login pages on one of your own servers. Source code is provided in the repository. It just needs a php backend with curl and gyros enabled.