Which wall dimmers support groups 2 and 3?

I’m looking for 3-wire wall dimmers that support groups 2 (double-tap) and 3 (triple tap) associations.

Evolve LRM-AS doesn’t claim to. 2Gig (WD500Z-1) claims to, but - I read on this forum - doesn’t in fact. The ACT dimmers I have do, and work great - but they’re only 2 wire, so I can’t use them on non-incandescent loads.

What are my other options?

It appears even the Cooper RF9540 doesn’t - according to its own spec. sheet:

“Association Groups for RF9540-N
Group 1 5 nodes maximum
Group 2 - 254 0 nodes maximum
Group 255 1 node maximum”

Can anyone confirm/deny from direct experience?