Which version of Vera is best when using PLEG

I was having trouble with my Vera UI6 controlling my Trane thermostat. I made the mistake of upgrading to UI7, thinking it was going to solve all of my problems. WOW, was I wrong. Everything is broken and I cannot even create a basic PLEG setup in the new interface. I add something and save and then it just disappears. I try to delete a device and it may delete after several minutes. The web interface doesn’t even come up most of the time and I have to power cycle the device.

Is this typical for UI7?

My question is this. Which version should I use. The reason I posted this question in the PLEG forum is because I use PLEG exclusively. I was on UI6 which seemed to be ok but I am seeing more and more posts where people are going back to UI5. I have only tried UI6 and UI7. Is UI5 where I should be? I think RichardTSchaefer might have a unique perspective on this since he tests all the versions with PLEG. Richard, if you were a regular user like us but knew what you know, which version would you use. UI5, UI6 or UI7?

Woody (Orlando, FL)



I run my house on UI5 and at this time would not consider moving up to UI7.

A rousing vote of confidence in UI7 ;D ;D ;D

While I understand folks dislike of UI7, please remember that some of us have no choice (I am new to the Vera community and all I have is an Edge). ;D

If Vera Edge cannot be downgraded or reverted to a lower version then I expect UI7 will get a lot of attention from here on out. Also the user base is going to increase so the developers will get more input about bugs and defects. As of this post, and in my opinion, UI7 is almost unusable. My point of view is mostly about creating and configuring PLEG devices. I have tried many times but I cannot get some of my settings to save, but that is a discussion for a different thread.

Richard, thank you for your reply. I am reverting to UI5. When you do find a higher version that is worthy of an upgrade then please let us know.

I am fixing bugs on any reported UI version. There have been many fixes to UI7 and more to come …
A bug fix to work with Remote Access is in Audit by MCV.
I am working on a BUG that limits actions to 15. This is a UI issue, because the Interface does not allow a scrollbar.

My Vera came with UI7. Therefore, UI7 is the best PLEG platform for me! :slight_smile:

I have to wait till omorrow to revert back to UI5. I am taking this time to try and get UI7 to work. I copied all my settings. Reset to default settings. Now I am trying to setup everything from scratch. The one thing that may still make me revert back, is the AutHomation Android app doesn’t seem to work with UI7. Not sure though.

After wasting about 14 hours trying to make things work with UI7, I am going to take the advice from Richard and most of the users on this forum and revert back to UI5. With that said, when someone can use UI7 effectively with PLEG and AutHomation please let the rest of us know because I refuse to be a beta tester anymore!

Woody (Orlando FL)

I was able to revert back to UI5 which solved ALL of my problems. It even solved my thermostat issue. Everything with UI6 (Advanced) worked great except it would not control my thermostats properly. UI7 was a disaster. I could not get basic functionality to work.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Well, the Christmas lights got me to tinkering with Vera and here I am two years later wondering if I should finally upgrade to UI7. Richard, I have asked this question a couple of times over the years and you have always answered honestly concerning the state and stability of Vera’s UI7. Should all of us UI5 users start upgrading to UI7? I heard you were ending support for UI5 and working on UI7 (link). This seems like a good sign. Let me know.



I am not doing development on UI5, but I still stand by my statement … If UI5 works for you … stay with it.

:wink: Amen buddy

:wink: Amen buddy[/quote]

I am staying on UI5 indefinitely. Other than the fact my home would benefit from the faster processor in VeraPlus/VeraSecure, I have no desire to upgrade…