Which Termostat?

Hi guys. I have read through a lot of posts here, but wonder if someone could save me some trouble and let me know the best choice for a (US) thermostat.

I want to be able to read/set from my VeraLite, and also do manual override at the thermostat itself. Remote monitoring via one of the iOS or Android apps is important.

I talked to my local HVAC guy, and he recommends Nest, for which I see a plugin. But the Nest is fairly expensive and has function I don’t want (learning, for example).

Help me decide please…

I really like my Trane TZEMT400BB3 Z-Wave Thermostat. Can do all what you mentioned, and if you search you can get it for less than 100 bucks

Thanks capjay - will look it up.

The RCS TZ45 is also good. Just like the Trane with the added ability to use remote temp sensors (if that’s a feature you need). And at retail, it’s only a couple bucks more.

Actually I thing the Trane thermostat is made by RCS.

Anyone use the less expensive 2gig?

I’m almost 100 percent sure you’re right.

Just picked up a 2gig stat yesterday, model # IS-ZW-TSTAT-300. ;D Simple to configure and works well with my iVera iPhone app.