which strip LEDs for Fibaro RGB switch?

Hi, I’m thinking of installing a strip led up my stairs and using the Fibaro thaw switch to control this.

Can anyone tell me if I need to get a specific led lighting strip?

I am in the UK if that makes a difference?


According to the manual: [url=http://www.fibaro.com/manuals/en/FGRGBWM-441-RGBW-Controller/FGRGBWM-441-RGBW-Controller-en.pdf]http://www.fibaro.com/manuals/en/FGRGBWM-441-RGBW-Controller/FGRGBWM-441-RGBW-Controller-en.pdf[/url]

Fibaro RGBW Controller may control: ? 12 / 24VDC powered RGB strips ? 12 / 24VDC powered RGBW strips ? 12 / 24VDC powered LED strips, bulbs, etc. ? 12 / 24VDC powered halogen lights ? 12 / 24VDC powered low output power fans

So I don’t think it matters what brand, just that’s its 12VDC. Check google, ebay, etc…

I don’t have one yet, waiting for it to be released in the US. But I plan on getting one soon.


I have dealt with this company and found them efficient & knowledgeable:


Thanks guy’s. Appreciated.

I’ll grab one and test it out for staircase guidance at night.