Which Sonos variable for "Speaker playing music"?


I’d like disable all my TTS if sonos is playing music (because the music rarely resumes). Is there a variable which can be used in sonos devices which shows “playing music”?

I can’t seem to find it.


Never Mind, I figured this out.

It is TransportState = Playing

If there is a grouped set of sonos speakers, this only works for the primary speaker. The slave speakers are always set to “Playing” and never show “Stopped” or “Paused” etc.

Was the group which was throwing me for a loop.

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I spoke too soon. Looks like transportstate is not the real-time actual playing state.

At the moment my 8 speakers are not playing but some have transportstate = playing.

Any recommendations on how to monitor the actual state of the speakers?

Ok seem to have found a way to make this functional, although it took a bit of work.

For each speaker or group:


  • TransportState equals: Playing
  • Current Title not equals: 1.mp3
  • Current Title not equals: 2.mp3
  • Current Title not equals: say.44.mp3
  • Current Title not equals: sonos_chime.mp3
  • Current Title not equals: (leave blank)

Seems to be working so far! Will update if something fails.