Which Firmware For RFXtrx 433E Please

I have some issues with my Vera Plus and have currently removed my RFXtrx from the system to see if this is causing the issue
It currently has Firmware 1025 Ext2 installed, but its pretty confusing on the RFX website to know which is the best one ie

Advice please on the best one, thanks

The best version for you depends upon the devices you want to communicate with the transceiver. If you look at section 2.2.2 of the user guide you can compare how each version works related to all the devices supported. The particular model of the RFXtrx433 also comes into play. If you have the RFXtrx433E you’ll probably want to use the Pro1 or Pro2 version of firmware - unless you have a device that requires a different version. Again, use that section of the user guide to make sure all of your devices are supported by a version of firmware.

Ok thanks just using Lightwaverf, I thought all four supported this but I’ll check thanks

Ok so Pro2 doesnt support lightwave

So is the only difference the supported protocols, what do other users have for lightwave

So it looks like my choice is down to two Pro 1 or Ext, any thoughts?


I’s go with the Pro1 or Pro2 version. Here is a posting from the RFXCOM blog regarding the Pro1 and Pro2 versions:

Pro firmware:
The protocol detection in the receiver is totally redesigned which makes it now possible to enable multiple protocols.
In the older Ext and Ext2 firmware for the RFXtrx433E some protocols were not received or not reliable received if another protocol was enabled. The ProXL firmware does not have this limitation. This firmware design is also available for the RFXtrx433E as Pro1 and Pro2. Because of the memory limitation there are still 2 versions for the RFXtrx433E.

Thank you, I’m going to flash to Pro1 as I only need Lightwave and it looks like Pro2 doesnt support it