Which door/window open/closed sensor to use?

What would be the best (most compatible/value for money) door/window open/closed sensor to get?

i’m interested too

I only use these, so not sure about others, but these were easy to install and use

I stuck them up with this two sided tape and then screwed them in too (was easier to screw them in if taped first)(probably overkill to also use screws)

Waiting for these beasties to become widely available in the US:


I have three of the aeon-labs sensors, they work great. I want more, but like JS007 said they are hard to find in the US

As the OP was asking about value and compatibility and this is the RFXtrx board, perhaps he was looking for a 433Mhz alternative?

Z-wave is great for some jobs but no matter how rich I get, I’ll find it hard to stomach paying $40/?30 on something so simple as open/close. Z-wave’s two way capability doesn’t add anything for me here (they are battery operated so relying on polling to check if a door is open is no better than relying on the sensor to alert you).

There are lots of 433Mhz sensors that work well for around ?10. In the UK you can get Light wave RF ones, and they will work fine elsewhere if you can get hold of them…

That said I’ll use Z-wave where it makes more sense. I use TKB (same as Philio and I suspect the forthcoming D-Link) 4-in-1s as they give me door, motion, light and temperature in one, and one device to sort entry/exit, motion light triggers and contribute data to the heating logic is worth the ?45, where the door position is in a useful place for motion/temp too.