Which controller to get next

I have a veraLite. Been a great unit but is time to upgrade. Which Vera controller should I buy. I notice some have ZigBee. Is that a good thing?

Any thoughts and recommendations?

I have been using a Vera 3 for many years and I just purchased a used VeraPlus on eBay. Very pleased with the move.

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I had a Veralite for years, but when adding a RFXtrx433xl, it was not recognized properly, so i bought a Veraplus. Since that I am a happy camper. Migrating was an issue, as not all devices were recognized after import the export file from Veralite, but after exclude in the old controller and add to the Veraplus, worked like they should.

I like the idea that you can other devices like zibee and Bluetooth. Can I import all my current settings, apps, plugins and devices or do I have to start from scratch

Let’s be very clear, Vera Plus is not great with Zigbee and DOES NOT support Bluetooth. Zigbee is limited, so don’t expect to control color bulbs like Sengled. Bluetooth should be removed from the packaging box because it does nothing. I seem to think it was even disabled with a firmware update, but could be mistaken.
Vera Plus is primarily a Zwave controller and would not be much without some of the amazing developer created plugins that are not officially supported by the company.

In my case, I backed up my Vera 3, and did a restore of that file on a freshly updated VeraPlus. Everything worked nearly flawlessly. I had a Dome DMMS1 device with 2 phantom children. When I deleted one of the child devices, the parent was deleted. I restored from backup again with the same result. The other DMMS1 had just the motion and light level devices. Weird. So I hid the 2 phantoms children and all is well.

You might be able to get rid of the phantom children by reconfiguring the parent - just go to Device → Advanced → Commands → Configure node right now.

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