Which bridged controller to add devices - primary or secondary?

Hi. How does the secondary bridged controller work? Do i have to add devices near the secondary controller to the primary or the secondary controller? Does the zwave mesh work independently of each other or will the secondary act as a repeater to the primary?

If its independent zwave mesh networks, i will add to the secondary controller it’s nearby devices.

If it acts as a repeater that is connected via lan, I will add to the primary controller and let the automated mesh network maximize it’s own routes.

Is there a guide on how to configure bridged devices?

Hello @robie ,

You need to add the devices near the secondary controller to the secondary controller. It will act as a bridge between the two networks as the name indicates, but you will be able to send commands from the primary controller to the devices of the secondary through that bridge.

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Oks, thanks for the response.

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