Which App for Veralite

As a newbie I’m interested to know if there is an official Android App for Vera Lite or do I have to use a third party app.

if there is an official app please could someone share a link or if not please advise which is the best third party app.

Many thanks

Please have a look here:


Micasaverde’s official apps are called Vera Mobile or MMS Vera. The 3rd party apps are much better.

  • Garrett

Thank you much appreciated.

Im completely new to all this so I have lots to learn.

Once you choose a system controller like VeraLite does that mean any Android App would work or are they made specifically for certain system controllers.

In the same vein, does the system controller have a lAN html address with an embedded app to interface with it, or are there other ways to interface that too?

All apps (android and iOS) should work with any controller - they all basically use the same interface. The exception is the very latest firmware (1.6) is not supported by most 3rd party apps. (I believe it’s still only the official app MMS Vera, and AutHomationHD (Android) and VeraMate (iOS) for 1.6).

The controller works by only exposing a web page on the LAN. To access it externally, you go through a web interface via micasaverde (home.getvera.com). Any app just effectively substitutes that UI. Other ways to connect/control are more low level - i.e. scripting with LUUP.