Where to pass API Optional Parameters

Hi Richard,

Thanks for fixing the Pushover portion. I am unclear where to place certain variables in testing.

Instructions in the Profiles tab states that one can use any Pushover API keywords in the form of {keyword=value}

I believe this means that these keywords should be typed into the message field. In using your Send Alert tab for my testing, using the device keyword in this manner: {device=DroidCharge} still sends the message to all of my devices instead of just the “DroidCharge”. And, I think the Pushover API is forwarding that sequence as a 0

Am I doing it wrong?




That’s an interesting bug … It caused by the fact that the {device=xxx} is expanded by the standard Template logic and it is return the default device.

The {device template class is used to access device variables in Vera.

It should have actually failed that syntax and ignored it at that level. I will fix.

Try installing the attached file … It now passes the device= property on through to Pushover.

I only have one device … When I put in something illegal for my device it still sends to my device.
So I am guessing that if you give an invalid device they send to all. So I can’t really test this.

Yup, works great! Thanks

BTW, the device= concept (for me, at least), is that since I manage the Vera3, I must also manage the routing of specific alerts to specific family members (hence device=familymember). This helps greatly.

Also, thanks to VeraAlerts ;D, I now can manage all of my messaging to Android and IOS devices in one plugin.

So I really appreciate what you and the other gurus do here.


If you like it you can add a review at apps.mios.com for multi platform (Android/IOS) support!

Will do!