Where to buy Enerwave Smart Meter Receptacle?

Anyone know where to buy the Enerwave smart meter receptacle? Model number ZW15RM.

Seems pretty new. Amazon sells the non-meter one but doesn’t seem to be carrying this one yet.
I wasn’t able to find any supplier that carries them and provides a price…

A call to the manufacturer pointed me to topgreener.com. While they do not have the energy metering version posted on their website, a call to topgreener allowed me to order for $48.99 including shipping from west coast to the east coast.

The receptacle included with Vera easily the first try, and immediately reported current wattage. The function of the receptacle is just as I needed. However, the form is only so-so. There is an overly-large zwave logo on the front of the receptacle that I would call, just plain fugly.

I will likely order more for monitoring refrigerator power draw status, allowing to be alerted on an extended period of no power draw, or an extended period of power draw…either way indicating a problem.

…now just need a GFI receptacle!