Where is the latest EventWatcher?

I installed from the MarketPlace and it says 1.20140123 is the current version, from 2014… but when I installed that, I don’t have a ExtraVariablesFile entry in my EventWatcher device.

That’s a really good question!

This one is certainly newer: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,30440.msg206029.html#msg206029

I’ll put up a sticky thread, but clearly I need to update the App Store too. Thanks.


Because the new version you have here doesn’t show the ExtraVariablesFile, I had to hard code it like:

extrasFile = uiVar (“ExtraVariablesFile”, “/www/EWextras.conf”) – list of extra variables to watch

But oddly, it now shows up. Weird. !

OK, so here’s the latest (28-Mar-2016) from my development system…

@akbooer maybe you could also add EventWatcher to github?

The development system version is broken, I get the message - You called the draw() method with the wrong type of data rather than a DataTable or DataView

For which report?

The base report. data_request?id=lr_EventWatcher&rep=log

I reverted back to a previous version and it works ok. I am on UI7 on a Vera Plus.

Not a bad idea!

Here it is:

…just the latest I have from March 2015. (I hope it works!) I’ll update with a few of the more recent suggestions soon.

I just started getting the “You called the draw() method with the wrong type of data rather than a DataTable or DataView” error, and I have NOT updated EventWatcher in many months and have auto-update disabled - I am on UI5. I have updated to the latest IE and Chrome browsers in the past few days, however.

I get the error on most of the reports, but not all. Memory and CPU work, but not most of the others…

…and that’s the problem! Your system hasn’t changed, your EventWatcher hasn’t changed, but Google Charts has. They must have withdrawn a deprecated API a month or so ago. The new one is available from GitHub or the AltUI Alternative App Store.

The MiOS App Store update is excruciatingly frustrating to use and it may be some time before I make an update there. In fact, given that there are the two above alternatives, I may never do that.

The same Google Charts issue has befallen DataYours and the Netatmo plugin (they use the same graphics library) but I have yet to update them…

OK, thanks! I updated from GitHub and so far looks good. Many thanks for continuing to support UI5-