Where is the GCal3 documentation?

Maybe I’m missing something, or I’ve got my stupid head on. I have just installed GCal3 on a Vera Plus running UI7. I cannot find any documentation on setting it up.
The GCal3 Documentation thread does not contain any. There are a bunch of headings, but no links and no documents.
Any ideas?

Search GCal3 or GCalIII on GitHub. I recall it all being there.

Edit: Go here.


It’s there.

No, I replied too soon.

Yes, the GitHub page is there, but for calendar setup, it directs me back to the old Micasaverde forum that has no links, only solitary headings.

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Good thing I save all my documentation files on Google Drive!

Go HERE instead. Enjoy!!

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That’s brilliant. Well done.


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The documentation disappeared somewhat during the move to this new forum and I was not paying attention (yes I know it was a long tie ago :frowning: ). I have renamed the thread Release Notes and Documentation and added the documents into the top post.

Should be good to go.


Thank’s :wink:

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